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Our Story

Hatcrown was born after two Ecuadorians, Alejandro (Quito) and Héctor (Guayaquil) got to know each other in Berlin and finally decided to take their expertise to the next level.

As if the city was not big enough, Héctor happened to move just in the same building as Alejandro's hat warehouse and pop-up shop, CaYambe.

Héctor (left) and Alejandro (right) after signing their business partnership.

Alejandro had been producing and selling hats for over fifteen years, while Héctor had been working in online marketing for ten years. It didn't took long until both of them got to know each other and the vision of a collaboration lightened up many ideas.

Besides the same country of origin, both shared a passion for music. Alejandro's guitar and Héctor's sax brought them to play here and then with other musicians not only in underground sessions in the store, but also in certain occasions for bigger crowds.

Sadly, the pandemic hit the world and the project had to wait a bit longer. Still, it didn't stop the spirit and so the idea became a reality in mid '22.


About the brand

HatCrown is synonymous with tradition and style. The hats and caps that you will find in our store come from small manufacturers in Ecuador and Europe.

We cater to customers with class, who are looking for protection from the weather. Our goal is that with every product you buy in our online store gives you joy for a long time.

HatCrown is the official online store of Cayambe. From its headquarters in Berlin, Cayambe has perfected since 2006 its designs according to the tastes and preferences of the European market, without losing the originality of its materials, which are produced under fair conditions in Ecuador and Portugal. The manufacturing is done in Poland, which thanks to its proximity to Berlin, ensures the superior quality of its products.

In addition to Cayambe, HatCrown markets the Balke, Göttmann and Elbsegler brands, which are long-established brands in the european market.