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Timeless elegance in our premium collection of high-quality headwear and handmade original Panama hats. Refresh your look with authentic craftsmanship!

Handmade in Ecuador - Panama Hats

Spring / Summer Collection

A classic accessory for both men and women, Panama hats are famed for their distinct shape, texture and material. Made from a fine grade of natural and original Ecuadorian straw producing the ideal colouring, using the traditional methods passed down over generations.

Manufactured in Europe, they come in all the classic shapes and colors – fedora, wide brimmed and woven band - to complete your look. A must have for spring and summer, our Panama hats are the fastest way to add style to your look.

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Dalí Premium | Panama HatDalí Premium | Panama Hat
Dalí Premium | Panama Hat Sale price$166.00 USD
Jackson GöttmannJackson Göttmann
Jackson Göttmann Sale price$66.00 USD
Fedora Classic | Panama HatFedora Classic | Panama Hat
Fedora Classic | Panama Hat Sale price$132.00 USD
Diamond Contempo | Panama HatDiamond Contempo | Panama Hat
Diamond Contempo | Panama Hat Sale price$117.00 USD
Leather Flat Cap BalkeLeather Flat Cap Balke
Leather Flat Cap Balke Sale price$99.00 USD
Brentford Sale price$44.00 USD
Jackson SilkJackson Silk
Jackson Silk Sale price$72.00 USD
Orlando Sale price$44.00 USD
Diamond New Era | Panama HatDiamond New Era | Panama Hat
Diamond New Era | Panama Hat Sale price$117.00 USD
Jonsson Classic | Panama HatJonsson Classic | Panama Hat
Jonsson Classic | Panama Hat Sale price$128.00 USD
Jonsson Adventure | Panama HatJonsson Adventure | Panama Hat
Jonsson Adventure | Panama Hat Sale price$128.00 USD
Australian Classic | Panama Hat
Australian Classic | Panama Hat Sale price$128.00 USD

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